How to Make the Most of Your Apartment’s Outdoor Living Space

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How to Make the Most of Your Apartment's Outdoor Living Space | Phillips Research Park Apartments

Scoring one of the apartments near Research Triangle Park with balcony or patio area is a boon for anyone that enjoys spending some time each day taking in a little fresh air. While the space may be limited, and you can’t exactly install a fire pit of a swing set for your kids, there are still plenty of ways that you can make the most of your outdoor area. Give yourself a little apartment oasis with these tips on sprucing up your balcony or patio!

Add Some Tile

Most of the apartments near Research Triangle Park have the basic balcony style, a simple concrete or wooden floor. While it is definitely efficient and easy to clean, it can be rather bland. However, you can add a whole lot of flare by installing interlocking tiles like those that IKEA offers. They are super easy to snap together and unsnap again later when you are ready to move. It is an inexpensive bit of outdoor decor that can add a real punch to the overall look of your balcony.

Make Things Cozy

The right bit of furniture can essentially turn an empty patio into an extension of your home. There are so many adorable options for outdoor furniture on the market nowadays, there is no excuse for simply tossing a few plastic chairs out there and calling it a day. Check stores like World Market, Pier1, and Target to find outdoor furniture that will make you give up your living room and spend all your time outdoors!

Add Some Light

By now, you’ve surely seen a few glorious backyard designs gracing your Pinterest feed, and one thing most of them have in common is a string or two of fairy lights over the seating area. Well, you can create your own Pinterest-worthy patio area by topping your cozy furniture setting with your own lovely strand of lights. It adds a whimsical vibe to your patio that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Form and Function

When decorating the outdoor space of your apartment near Research Triangle Park, you want to focus on pieces that are functional, gorgeous, and durable. Being out on your balcony means these pieces will be exposed to a lot of weather, pollen, and dirt. You want to find high-quality furniture that can take the beating and still look great while also being easy to clean. One solid option is concrete. You can find very stylish side tables and planters made from durable concrete that will also look great! Make sure that any cushions or rugs that you choose to adorn the space are also rated highly on durability and ease of cleaning. 

Create a Verdant Jungle

Another great way to turn the balcony or patio into an urban oasis is by adding plenty of plants. Before making your choices, it is a good idea to assess the amount of sun the balcony of your apartment near Research Triangle Park is exposed to on a daily basis. It is important to match up the plants with the sunlight level, otherwise, you can end up with scorched plants or plants that just won’t thrive. Choose your plants wisely, and then add in beautiful planters and flower pots for a truly spectacular outdoor space.

Dedicate the Space to Your Pup

If you don’t think that you will get much use out of your patio, you can design it as a perfect play area for your four-legged family member. Cover it with an artificial grass rug, and then add a little dog house and some toys. Your dog will be thrilled to have a place to romp around and play, and you will be happy to give him a spot to work off a little energy. This may not be the best use of the space for those on upper levels, especially if the dog is tiny enough to slide through the slats on the balcony railing.

Al Fresco Dining

Another way to use your awesome outdoor living space is to turn it into your al fresco dining room. A little bistro table painted in a fun color can give you a spot for enjoying your morning cup of coffee, or it can be used to eat your dinner after a long day of being cooped up in the office. Once school gets back into swing, it can also be a dedicated spot for the kids to complete their homework.

Add a Kiddie Pool

If you have an infant that is too small to take to the complex pool at your apartment near Research Triangle Park, then you can use your balcony as a spot to give your little one their very own private pool. There are teeny pools that are designed just for babies, and they hold about as much water as your kitchen sink. However, they give your baby a little bit of splash time that they are sure to enjoy!

Spend your summer months enjoying your outdoor spaces with these great tips for making the most of a balcony or patio. Using these tips, you may turn your balcony into your favorite spot in your apartment. Be sure to check out all of our amazing aparment amenities here at Phillips Research Park Apartments.

How to Make the Most of Your Apartment's Outdoor Living Space | Phillips Research Park Apartments

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